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Our mission is to offer you the modern 21st Century construction technology.

Our conception is:

  • Build prefabricated houses of galvanized steel that are solid, warm and built quickly.

  • Offer comfortable and real solutions for small budgets without compromising comfort.

  • Create buildings with possibilities for future extensions offering the best solution for you without infringing the integrity of the building.

Modern house

Short construction time


High fire resistance




High acoustic resistance


High seismic resistance


Energy efficiency

White and gray living room

A team of specialists who will carry out a detailed analysis of your plot and how they can apply the plans of the house. By reviewing the site, we will provide you with detailed information about the construction possibilities.


The ISE Mallorca team that will work with you to review your budget and conclude your willingness to create conceptual plans. On the basis of these plans, we can provide an evaluation of the project and the time needed to carry it out. You will verify the feasibility of your project to ensure that it is designed and built in compliance with the local requirements.

Couple and Architect

Our goal is to implement new products using the latest technologies in the area of prefabricated buildings and grant our customers new quality products and services quickly to meet their requirements.


Each building we have constructed incorporates numerous engineering solutions. There are various construction systems and materials used. For all of them we have selected only the best and proven trusted global manufacturers.

We can surely say that we have gained a leading position in the market, especially because of the high quality of our products.

We remain unique in many ways. For the standard pricing, our customers get much more than what other builders are able or want to offer them.

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