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BullHomes PLUS

The biggest advantage of BullHomes is that you can trust our team of professionals from the beginning of projecting to settling in your own home. We provide peace of mind, crear and fixed pricing of the project and the rendering of accounts.
We can offer you a wide network of trusted partners to help you create the house you want and the atmosphere you have ever desired.
We understand that your project is more than just an BullHomes home.
BullHomes Plus includes all the services that help make the construction of your dream home more simple and convenient.


Construction of the Site:
Our construction management team ensures that your construction site is completed with the same care and quality as your BullHomes home.
Project and design:
The main purpose of the service is the creation of a personalized house, adapting to the needs of the client. In this phase, the client participates in the process, shaping the project and choosing the finishing materials for his home.
Remember that we visualize your home in three dimensions.

After the completion of the project, (the design of the house completed and the finishes selected), the administration office calculates the total budget for the construction and the duration of the works.
The budget offer made with responsibility, guaranteeing a fixed price for the complete process.

A total quote for the project.
In keeping with BullHomes's commitment to transparent prices, BullHomes Plus offers complete prices for the entire project at the time of authorization. The BullHomes team will first work with you to adapt the design of your project to your site and specific needs. From there, our professional and experienced team of project managers will work with our networks of each service, including excavation, foundation, public services, decks, and more. Finally, BullHomes provides you with a single point of responsibility that offers you the fixed price of the project. This offers your family transparency and tranquility, compared to the traditional construction process that can be shocking with change orders, extra charges and unexpected surprises. 

Build your budget.
In today's busy environment, many customers do not have the time, experience, or desire to select the site's contractors and then manage the myriad details of the project from start to finish. We understand that, while most of our clients are not planning a second career as general contractors, they absolutely do not want the same consideration and care in site design and execution, as in their BullHomes home. BullHomes Plus allows you to obtain beautifully designed BullHomes homes together with the same commitment to quality and comfort at a fixed price of the project.

A single point of contact.A single point of contact is our greatest advantage. You can talk with us from the beginning of the project until the end. We have trained people who start with the purchase of land, go through project management, conceptual design, making the foundation, excavation, financial consulting, and the final touches - covers, site formation, vehicle entries and, of course , last but not least, a detailed contract. A point of contact is at the heart of our workflow. We are proud to present our transparent and fast tracking workflow that makes the whole process easy and cost effective.

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