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How does it work? From construction loans to mortgages

To finance the construction of a house, you will need a construction-mortgage contract. During the construction period, only monthly interest payments are required. When it comes into operation (completely completed), the credit automatically becomes a mortgage.

Our advantage is the short construction period, which means less risk for the bank and lower interest rates on the contract. The loan amount is determined as the lower of the total cost of the project or the assessment of the amount the borrower is willing to finance through credit.

Advantages guaranteed by BullHomes

Our great advantage is the short term to build a house, which means that our clients pay considerably lower interest during construction. The accelerated construction process reduces risks for the bank, making financing easier for both parties.

Developing an Accurate Budget Determining an accurate budget for the project can involve a comprehensive analysis for first-time homebuyers and builders facing land purchasing and construction for the first time. A primary requirement for the amount the borrower is willing to provide for the construction or purchase of an existing home is the loan-to-value, which is part of the lowest amount of the total construction cost (appraisal value) that the borrower provides .

BullHomes builders facilitate additional financing with basic construction recommendations to optimize certification. Many clients decide to configure their homes by adding premium options like expensive siding, pools, or expensive finishes. Additionally, local authorities may require additional documentation regarding safety or local codes that will apply to new construction. Depending on location and possibilities, these options may or may not be fully evaluated, although they often add functionality, security and high quality of life. In the design process, BullHomes' experienced team is cost-conscious so as not to compromise quality over price.

Preparation of a budget

With our professional and appropriate assistance, you will determine the possibilities of the land according to your needs.

Financial partners

We have a wide network of trusted partners who can partially or fully finance your project. We work with you and your lender all the way through the completion of the construction process.

Preliminary consultations

At our first meeting, we will discuss the financial part: how the project will be financed, we will exchange ideas to create an initial concept. Our financial experts will guide you through the design to achieve minimum cost, a dynamic project proposal model and determine potential impacts on key financial requirements such as the need for monetary resources for completion, liquidity seeking and monthly servicing. of credit.

Project financial management

During conceptual development, you will have a project finance manager who will provide you with a detailed explanation of key financial terms and concepts. Additionally, we will review the financial instruments of the project with you, with a repeated analysis of the financial institution's key requirements to develop a preliminary assessment.


After determining the project and price, our team will present 1-3 suitable lenders, including detailed information and accompanying documentation.

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