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LOANS for companies and individuals up to 15 years, WITHOUT PROOF OF INCOME!!!


We are an investment and construction company that produces light metal structures for residential and industrial construction. Using the technology Steel Framing we can perform the construction of hotels, motels, residential, administrative, office buildings and buildings of any type and use. We have many years of experience in the field and have a large team of proven professionals.
We can design, produce and install a self-supporting structure of up to six floors in any shape and design. For bigger projects of this type, we are able to adapt a modular production unit directly to the site. This eliminates complex logistics and site deliveries. In this way, we will significantly reduce the deadlines for the implementation of the whole project. We are a flexible company and can work together with other construction companies. As an Investment company we can be joint venture partners in your future projects.

BullHomes offers production and complete assembly of metal structures with roof and wall sandwich panels. Our construction system includes metal bearing structure, roof and wall panels and insulation.
Bearing structure - Galvanized, cold rolled profile C 140 with zinc coverage 275, steel type DX 51 D - EN 10346-2009 / EN 10143 - NAC.
Roof capillaries and wall guides, operating as simple or continuous beams; The wall guides can be mounted on the axis of the column or on the outside.
Galvanized mounting screws.
The equipment is the last element of each building, giving it a complete and aesthetic appearance. The panels we use are galvanized metal sheet in RAL color and can be insulated with polyurethane, EPS, XPS or mineral wool according to your preferences. OPTIONS: garage doors, entrance doors, roller shutters, automatic doors, windows, light-permeable panels, overhead lights, fans, interior panels, portal doors. We offer buildings with width of up to 12 meters and height of up to 6 meters.

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