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BullHomes Ready Wall Systems (RWS)

BullHomes Ready Wall Systems (RWS) represents an innovative approach in construction, allowing you to save up to 1/3 of the construction time. The system enables the completion of the exterior and interior walls of your building simultaneously with the construction of the concrete columns and foundations of the building. This leads to significant cost reduction from expensive specialists such as fixers and electricians, while providing you with a quality product without the risk of construction errors.

Solutions for Builders, Construction Companies, and Governments.

It's important to remember that it's not just about faster and better construction today, but also about being prepared to respond to new technologies and maximize the benefits for your own organization from today onwards.

On average, you can expect an impressive reduction in overall construction costs. You can expect a significant reduction in on-site labor. It's important to note that you will save valuable construction time, with fewer workers and efforts, using the BullHomes RWS.

An important feature of BullHomes Ready Wall Systems is the lightweight metal structures that have factory openings for insulation placement, as the size of the lightweight metal profiles can vary depending on the height of the facade wall under wind loads acting on it. Large windows, railings, and other architectural elements are possible.

BullHomes Ready Wall Systems have already become a common practice for using lightweight steel structure partitions for rapid drying of the exterior cladding. The same construction form can be used as an exterior wall or partition wall in various parts of the building.

The advantages of BullHomes RWS lightweight steel internal fill structures used for external facades and walls and internal partition walls are as follows:

  • Speed of construction

  • Minimal use of materials and less work on site

  • Custom solutions for high wind pressures

  • Fire resistance

  • Good acoustic performance

  • Good thermal insulation properties

  • Ability to create large openings

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