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Construction of Shared Hotels, Houses, Residential Buildings, Cooperatives and Residential Complexes with Prefabricated Structures from 50m² to 2000m²

We offer prices for houses with flat or gable roofs, manufactured with a prefabricated kit of light steel structures. Manufacturing according to an individual project is also possible. We supply steel structure kits ranging from 50m² to 2000m².

Types of constructions:

Construction kit for self-construction, where you can save more than 45% of the final cost.

If you own land and don't want to risk your own resources for construction, BullHomes offers a partnership option. As the owner of the land, you do not have to invest your own funds in the construction. Depending on the evaluation of our specialists, we can build a hotel, a residential building, a housing complex, a motel, a car repair shop, a complex of villas or any other type of commercial facilities on your land. All or part of the investment will be assumed by BullHomes, and you, as the owner of the land, will become a partner in a new joint venture with a proportionate share according to the market value of your land.

This option offers a more beneficial way for landowners, while guaranteeing a higher price for land and construction. We offer three options for joint construction:

We can be your partner with the project and construction of the structure, taking you through the rough construction phase and minute 14.

We can be your partner with the project, the construction of the structure and the exterior finish.

We can be your partner with turnkey project, construction and finishing works.

Only the legalization of the project and the construction of foundations by the investor is required, since we take care of it from the foundations up.

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