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  • This is the perfect contemporary getaway home with living spaces on the upper floor, and plenty of covered parking and storage below. The exterior of this modern vacation home features stacked stone, cable railings, and commercial-style window and door units.
  • The flat roof is slightly sloped and capped with metal to provide snow removal.
  • The balcony can be fitted with radiant heating for snow removal as well.
  • The lower floor mechanical space provides easy installation of the heating and cooling ducts in the floor and roof truss system.
  • There is 110 sq. ft. of storage on the parking level and 177 sq. ft. of balcony on the main level.
  • Energy-saving features include R-36 spray-foam roof insulation, internal foam wall insulation, on-demand water heater in mechanical room, high-efficiency air conditioning in mechanical room.
  • Construction Materials: concrete slab on grade, 12" concrete block walls, 6" wood frame walls, wood roof trusses.

86m2 Plan 44065TD

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